Spaghettoni Toscani Senatore Cappelli

Spaghettoni Toscani Senatore Cappelli


Format: 500 g

Spaghetti. Durum wheat semolina pasta

Ingredients: Italian durum wheat semolina, water. Contains gluten. May contain traces of egg.

Cooking time 19 minutes

Nutritional values /100 g

Nutritional Value: 359kcal/1518kJ

Fats 2,4 g of which saturated 0,7 g

Carbohydrates 68 g of which sugars 3,4 g

Dietary Fibre 6,2 g

Protein 13 g

Salt 0.02 g

Expiry date: September 2022

8,20 €

tax included


Spaghettoni Toscani di Semolato Senatore Cappelli by Pastificio Artigiano Fabbri are made from the finest Italian organic grains. The slow processing and very slow drying (3 to 6 days) at a low temperature (never over 38°C) guarantee a flavour that has nothing to do with that of an industrial product.

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